How to Have a Socially Distanced Wedding


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic we are in the middle of, a new trend in weddings has emerged Socially Distanced Weddings. Never would we have thought things like masks and color-coded bracelets would become standard for weddings, but here we are… it’s 2020. 



Tips for a Socially Distanced Wedding


1. Live-stream your wedding

chances are you are going to have to reduce your guest list drastically. Live-streaming your wedding for guests that cannot attend is an easy way to help others feel included. If you want to go above and beyond, send a little package ahead of time to the guests unable to join. You can include some bubbles, a few sparklers, a wedding ceremony program, and a gift card for some cake! Encourage your guests to partake in all that they can while watching your wedding.

2. communicate with your venue

Find out what precautions they have in place. Are they sanitizing more often? Do they have extra rooms for your guests to spread out? Do they have an outdoor option? Chances are, you aren’t the first bride trying to get married there this season, so they may have tips and tricks from previous experience.

3. Personalized masks

Personalized masks embrace the mask. Get some cotton masks imprinted with your wedding date or your names on it, and have those available for guests. These aren’t very expensive and can easily turn into a wedding keepsake! 

4. Colored bracelets

At your guest book table, have a sign that gives instructions accompanied by color-coded bracelets. Encourage your guests to choose a bracelet based on their preferences – a green bracelet means “come on in for a hug.” A yellow bracelet means “let’s stick to fist bumps or elbows.” And a red bracelet means “keep your six-foot distance; thank you very much.” This helps to eliminate the guesswork of how your guests should interact with one another.



5. Hand sanitizer

It’s a new staple. Find cute dispensers and incorporate them into your centerpieces!

6. The metro 

Toss it all out the window and hire The Metro by Serendipity Events by Tina! This is a unique way to have a 100% COVID-19 safe wedding! Their Drive-Thru Weddings allow couples to make an appointment to get married at a drive-up converted van. Think Vegas style that’s mobile! You must have a marriage license three days before your appointment date.

a. When making your appointment, you can add items like hair flowers, a bouquet, a boutonniere, a vintage car to drive-thru in, a photographer, an Elvis impersonator, live streaming, and more!

b. At the time of your appointment, you will drive up to the service window of the van, and the ceremony will be performed, the marriage license will be signed, and you will receive the marriage license back with a commemorative keychain with a photo of the drive-thru wedding. 

c. They will also have a Wedding Delivery service where they will come to you! They will perform the ceremony in front of your home. All you have to do is walk outside and approach the van. The officiant will stay inside the van and will officiate the wedding through the service window.

d. Serendipity Events will be launching The Metro in mid-September, and locations will be posted on their website and social media. 

e. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram at “Serendipity Events By Tina” for more information.  

However you choose to incorporate social distancing into your big day, just remember that this day is for you and your husband first and foremost. At the end of the day, you get to be married; you can throw a big party later!