Why You Need A Day-Of Wedding Coordinator



Words by kelsey wallen

Photography by Mary Kaitlin Artisery


I have been a wedding coordinator for over a decade. I have just about seen it all. One thing most brides say at the beginning of our first consultation is something along the lines of “I don’t think I need a coordinator, but my mom/best friend/cousin/whomever said it’s necessary.” I always share with them the benefits of having a day-of coordinator. Here is how those conversations typically go: 

You are the incredibly organized, color-coordinated spreadsheet queen. You have every last detail of your big day planned out, cross-referenced, and highlighted in multiple shades of highlighter. You have your wedding party briefed on the plan for the day. Everything is set up for the utmost success. Why on earth would you need a day-of coordinator? Below, we give you five reasons you need a day-of coordinator. 


To begin, what is a day-of wedding coordinator? The most significant difference between a day-of coordinator and a wedding planner is that a planner starts when you get engaged and walks you through every detail. We help with the design of your wedding and all the planning. Not all brides can afford (or want to have) a wedding planner. We get it! A day-of coordinator is necessary, however. We step in towards the end of the planning, generally about a month or so before your big day. We frequently provide vendor recommendations from the start, but our job is really to tie up loose ends just before your wedding. We catch the vision you have created for your wedding and make sure the day goes smoothly. We coordinate all vendors, all last-minute issues, any emergencies, and all the other things you wouldn’t think of. 


Five Reasons It Is Essential You Hire A Day-Of Wedding Coordinator


1. Finances

We handle all the finances. No one wants to talk about money on their wedding day. No one wants vendors approaching them just after putting their wedding dress on, asking for a check. And you certainly don’t want to be keeping track of all the tips for vendors; pretty sure your dress doesn’t have pockets! Your wedding coordinator will collect any checks or cash for tips about a week before your wedding and disperse the money as needed, leaving you to enjoy all your hard work!  

2. Set Up

We handle the setup, tear down, and everything in between. We do everything from calling vendors who aren’t there on time, steam the tablecloths that still have wrinkles, and take the trash out when it fills up. We are there early, we stay late, and make sure everything gets done – something you don’t want to put on a friend or family member! Our job is to work that day; it is your organized second-cousins job to enjoy the celebration.

3. Day-of timeline

We create your day-of timeline. Trust us, leave the day-of timeline to the professionals. Do you know how long it takes to get 200 people through a buffet line? Do you know how long it takes to cut and distribute 100 pieces of cake? Do you know how long it takes to get all the pictures done? Do you know the order the reception should go in? No, chances are you don’t have experience with these things. We have years and years of experience writing and planning wedding days. Leave the timeline to us. 


4. Run the Rehearsal

We will run the rehearsal. We know all the tips and tricks on how to get your bridal down the aisle and to the right place. We work closely with whoever is officiating your ceremony to make sure we get all the elements of your ceremony that you’ve been dreaming of. 


5. Cover Any Emergencies

We cover any emergencies that arise. I have a Wedding Coordinator friend that shared a story where the DJ had a heart attack during the ceremony. The coordinator was able to get him into a different room, called an ambulance, and had her assistant stay with him to make sure he got taken care of. She went back to the wedding where she became the emcee for the evening and made sure the party went on. The bride and groom had no idea what had happened, and no one noticed the DJ was missing. Talk about saving the day! (And the DJ was okay!) 

The bottom line is – do you anticipate things will come up on your big day? Probably not. But no matter how much planning you have done, there will always be things to be done on the day of your wedding. Your job is to get married, not to coordinate the day. Leave that to the professionals.